Our Head Instructors are Sensei Robert and Sensei Paul.  Our other instructors are Sensei Mohammed Soliman and Sensei Rabab.

Robert Hargreaves, Godan. Instructor and Club President.
Sensei Robert graded to Godan in 2013. He is also a Level A National Official. Sensei Robert has achieved success in competition, and he has international coaching experience. He was the Seniors Champion in both Kata and Kumite at the AJKA 28th invitational Tournament, Riverside, California 2000. Sensei Robert also has a number of WSKA championships as part of the Coaching team (2001 through 2013). Sensei Robert is a National Canadian Coaching Program certified Level 1 Coach.
Sensei Robert no longer lives in Fort McMurray, however he is still active with our club. Don't be surprised when he shows up at class.

Paul Wohlgemuth, Yondan.  Head Instructor and Club Treasurer.

Sensei Paul has a lenghty competition record, culminating in three appearances as a CSKA team member at the WSKA Championships.  He was the team captain for two of these. Sensei Paul achieved his Sandan rank in January 2005, and his Yondan in November 2018.

Sensei Paul has also a certified coach through the National Canadian Coaching Program.



Mohammed Soliman, Nidan.  Instructor


Mohammed started Karate training in early 2014, and graded to Nidan on January 21, 2023.  Mohammed regularly fills in for Sensei Paul.  His passion for Karate is apparent at every class.  He is now the highest ranking Karateka in his family, several of whom are accomplished Karateka themselves.


Rabab ElFakharany, Shodan.  Instructor.

Rabab started Karate training in early 2016, and graded to Shodan on January 21, 2023.  Rabab always has a smile on her face and brings energy to the class.

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